Sustainability is just one word and yet there are over 300 definitions. At EcoFocus, we look at Sustainability from the mainstream consumer’s point of view. These consumers define Sustainability as more enduring, longer term, and associated with less personal compromise, compared to Green.

EcoFocus Worldwide answers your questions about targeting consumer trends in sustainability. We’d love to hear from you.

Linda Gilbert is Founder and President of EcoFocus Worldwide, a research based consulting company which conducts consumer trend research and provides marketing consulting specializing in consumer perspectives on green and sustainable goods and services as well as insights into the health and wellness marketplace.  You can also follow her on Twitter @EcoFocusWrldwde.

Email:  Linda (at) ecofocusworldwide.com

Sean Lucey aka EcoAware Dad is Brand Development Leader for EcoFcous Worldwide. As the father of two young sons he it‘s part of his job as a parent to make sure his boys grow up with a clear and concise picture of what good citizenship of this Earth should be.

Email: Sean (at) ecofocusworldwide.com